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Dearest Readers:

Outside the windows by my desk, I see beautiful, welcoming, beaming sunshine, and bright blue clouds. My mimosa trees and oak trees are dancing with gentle strides as the mild wind brushes the branches. Another beautiful day, in beautiful Charleston, SC. Opening the back door to let my precious four-legged children inside, my body feels the unbearable heat of summertime in the City of Charleston. But wait…it isn’t summer yet! According to a weather forecast it is currently 102 degrees outside now. Thank goodness I had my heating and air system serviced a few weeks ago! The air outside is stagnant!

Today was my weigh-in day at Weight Watchers. For over seven months I have dreaded weigh-ins. I confess, I hop on my bathroom scales daily — every morning, after awakening. This morning, my scales indicated a loss. I dressed quickly in anticipation of having a good day at Weight Watchers.

Arriving early, I said Good Morning to several members, found my membership card in the box and stepped up to weigh. I felt confident that today would be a good day. The scales at Weight Watchers are
‘confidential’ — after you step on the scales, if you look down to see what the weight is, you cannot see it, nor can others. So, for those of you curious as to how weigh-ins are confidential at Weight Watchers meetings, trust me when I say they are CONFIDENTIAL! No one, with exception of the Weight Watchers receptionist assisting you will know what you weigh. In anticipation of another weekly weigh-in, curiosity was getting the best of me so I asked…’did I have a good week?’

The receptionist smiled, folded the booklet, and said, “You’re doing great, Barbie…” She handed me my pocket-size weight record. “Six-tenths of a pound — down!” I whisper… What, you say? Only six-tenths of a pound???

To those of you who are reading my Weight Watchers saga on a regular basis, you understand I lose ever so SLOWLY! Six-tenths of a pound is a good week…in fact, ANY WEEK that I lose is a good week. I’ve battled with a plateau for over seven months. My friends are surprised that I have ‘stuck it out…’ and If I am truthful, so am I. After suffering with a dreadful illness of acute bronchitis for three months, I began to excuse myself from Weight Watchers…I was too weak…too tired…too sleepy…or too busy for my Weight Watchers meetings… During this time, I saw the scales escalating again. I became depressed. Who cares if I lose weight, I told myself. Only to answer — Hey silly girl…You Do!

To those who read this and are so encouraging of me while I am walking along this journey of weight loss, I must stress, it was hard to go back, after missing so many weeks…It was difficult to admit that I was so weak, I stopped caring – for a bit.

As we, the Weight Watchers, and those who wish to find the courage and strength to join Weight Watchers, say — losing weight is truly a challenge. I have been on a yo-yo with weight loss since my childhood. My family made fun of me, telling me I was too fat to be ‘so pretty…’ They said I had a ‘pretty face, but I wasn’t pretty.’

I let those words echo back and forth inside my mind for years…many years. I grew up thinking I was an ‘ugly duckling, or a pig,’ nevertheless, I did my best to look my best, wearing my cousin’s hand-me-downs, wearing makeup and styling my hair. Still, I felt ugly…ever so fat and ugly!

Somehow, on March 3, 2011, I found the courage and strength to open the door to Weight Watchers. Now, I say to anyone wishing to lose weight swallow your pride, and take that first baby step to Weight Watchers. You will not hear anyone gossiping or ridiculing your decision to join. What you will find is friendship, encouragement, and pride. Even a small weight loss, such as ‘six-tenths of a pound’ is a weight loss. Weight gains? We all have them. I’ve certainly had my share, and at the moment, I must say, since I am working out regularly and moving regularly, I am losing many inches. No, I haven’t measured, but my clothes are fitting better than ever, and the sizes are getting smaller, and smaller.

When I use the treadmill, three days weekly, or more — I have to fight with my mini-schnauzer, Hankster, the Prankster, to have my time on the treadmill. As soon as I lower the treadmill, silly little Hank barks. When the treadmill hits the carpet, Hank hops on. If I don’t turn it to an acceptable speed for him, he barks until I do! He walks on the treadmill for five to ten minutes, hops off, as if to say, “OK…it’s your turn, Mom!” Who would think a small dog would intercept a grown woman’s work out!

Do I owe all of my slow-moving success to Weight Watchers? Yes, I say. The leaders at Weight Watchers say I owe myself the credit. “No, I owe it to Weight Watchers, the leaders, friendships and strength given to me at the meetings. Without Weight Watchers, I would’ve quit by now…”

On this beautiful sunny day, I will share the treadmill with Hankster since it is much too hot to attempt walking the bridge today. Tomorrow — perhaps! My goal hasn’t been reached yet — all in time…all to the credit of Weight Watchers… This I truly do FOR ME!

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