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Dear Readers:

Earlier, I posted a review on the BBB web site regarding our nightmares with Blue Raven Solar. You may read it below.

My review of Blue Raven Solar is DO NOT BUY FROM THEM! We signed our documents in August, 2020. November 30 was the first day scheduled to install our solar panels. The office of Blue Raven Solar sent me a text prior to the November 30 scheduled date telling me we needed to reschedule our installation due to the fact Blue Raven had lost one of their teams. The earliest date to install our solar panels would be December 28, 2020. I called them, letting them know this was not acceptable. I wanted the scheduled date of November 30, not December 28. On November 30, the techs arrived. Well, the solar panels were not on the property on that day. The next day two teams showed up; however, The Columbia, SC team was not trained. All they did was SMOKE cigarettes on our property. It has taken November, December, January, and February to get these solar panels in a working stage. Now that they are ready to turn on, we cannot do this until the inspectors finalize the installation.

Believe me when I say:

  1. Blue Raven Solar is anxious to assist you when you apply for service. Afterwards? They could care less!
  2. Blue Raven Solar rarely returns phone calls. I’ve had to call so many times that they know who I am!
  3. Blue Raven Solar makes promises that NEVER happen! EXCUSES? Blue Raven Solar finds all types of excuses. EXCUSES…AND MORE EXCUSES!
  4. I could continue listing all the issues we’ve had. I’ve documented every one! The file I have looks like a manuscript! When someone from their office contacted me last week, he (and MANY other team PLAYERS) assured me they would get to the bottom of this. He apologized for my being so displeased, and he reassured me I would be happy with them soon. THAT IS DEFINITELY SOMETHING I CERTAINLY DO NOT BELIEVE.
  5. What exactly are the issues we’ve endured with Blue Raven Solar??? We failed to receive our 2020 Solar Energy Property Credit since our solar panels are not working yet! Due to the improper installation/scheduling delays — NOT DUE TO OUR ELECTRIC COMPANY — BERKELEY ELECTRIC, but due to the lack of scheduling at Blue Raven Solar! In all honesty, it appears that Blue Raven Solar makes promises to customers; however, they fail to honor those promises!

Please, do your due diligence before you sign a contract with them. Undoubtedly, BLUE RAVEN SOLAR has the worst customer service I’ve ever dealt with. They fail to return phone calls. They fail to answer emails. One email I sent to them requesting updates and service on December 23, 2020, NEVER GOT A REPLY. They blamed the holidays. Excuses. EXCUSES. E-X-C-U-S-E-S! On December 28, I called Blue Raven Solar requesting a response from the email I SENT ON December 23, 2020. I spoke with Melissa. She assured me Jacob would reply. “He wasn’t there…” Imagine that!

Later, we heard from Southstar Electric in response to the electric issues we had. Blue Raven Solar approved the electric issues at their expense but the permit could take two days.

January 8, 2021 — again I phoned Blue Raven Solar since no one returns phone calls, or phones to let the customer know WHEN and IF Blue Raven Solar would schedule the work. Melissa said she would contact the field manager to get this scheduled.

On several dates, we had no knowledge of Blue Raven scheduled to work on our property. They simply SHOWED UP!

Now, it’s February, 2021. Still WAITING!

Earlier this week, Blue Raven Solar phoned me to let me know they had been in contact with our electric company to get this inspection completed. He assured me he would phone me Thursday to let me know the date and time. LAUGH. LAUGH — LAUGH. We never heard from him!

Friday, a tech from Blue Raven Solar arrived. Apparently, the inspection hasn’t been scheduled. With the ethics and customer service lacking in the Blue Raven Solar organization who knows what will happen and IF we will EVER be able to have WORKING solar panels! Yesterday, the tech said our solar panels SHOULD be working no later than NEXT FRIDAY! FEBRUARY 19, 2021. I have my doubts! Meanwhile, our electric bills continue rising. Oh. Blue. Raven. Solar. Your entire corporation needs major customer service skills. Your techs need training. Your management NEEDS TO KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING AND BLUE RAVEN SOLAR NEEDS TO ANSWER EMAILS AND RETURN PHONE CALLS AND THEY NEED TO TRAIN THE CREWS NOT TO SMOKE ON THE CUSTOMERS PROPERTY! I imagine IF I drained my pond, I would find cigarette butts. All to the credit of Blue Raven Solar!

I pray this nightmare will end soon. If ever you speak with Blue Raven Solar about solar panels, DO NOT SIGN ON THE DOTTED LINE! If you do, you will have NIGHTMARES! Do YOUR Due Diligence and run away from them!

Dearest Readers:

My husband was in the military, including the U. S. Army and the National Guard. He was trained to sleep in the woods, on bunkers, in war zones and other poor areas while away from the United States. Never was he sent to a parking garage. A few days ago I read where the 25,000 National Guard troops serving and protecting the Biden inauguration were sent to a parking garage to rest while in Washington, DC. I was appalled! Photographs of this scenario show troops piled almost on top of one another while attempting to sleep.


While I understand soldiers are trained to survive and protect in dreadful conditions, these soldiers are in the United States of America, protecting the safety of the Biden inauguration. How dare Biden, or anyone else, to send these heroes to a parking garage. Have you ever walked inside a parking garage? Ever smelled the scents of a parking garage? The fumes. The staleness, and the lack of care. The lack of bathrooms. Not to mention, how everything smells! In Charleston, SC, parking garages have limited bathroom facilities. Just what do soldiers do when Mother Nature calls?

To say the least, I believe someone failed to show these soldiers just how much our country appreciates them. Sending them to rest in a parking garage is shameful! I imagine they were given MRE’s (Meals Ready to Eat) for their nutrition. Have you ever tasted a MRE? They are disgusting. How do I know? Simple. I was a volunteer for the SC National Guard years ago. We were given a MRE to taste during one of our training sessions. Worst meal I’ve ever tasted. Even worse than Nutri-System meals!

Reportedly Biden has “apologized” to the troops. Why couldn’t he get them hotel rooms? Placing soldiers in a parking garage is unforgiveable.

Biden has served as President of the United States for four days. He should’ve taken a step to get the soldiers appropriate places to rest — complete with beds and restroom facilities, not a “parking garage!”

Yes, he apologized. I believe he should’ve assigned someone to get these soldiers places to rest, eat, and live until they could go home. Fortunately, some governors are requesting their soldiers to come home.

The actions of sending soldiers to rest in a parking garage says so much about how we treat the military. Biden’s actions of “apology” are not acceptable.

Incidentally, I did not vote for Biden and I never will. Democrats should be ashamed, including Pelosi!

Dearest Readers:

Yesterday, January 6, 2021, I listened to Fox News while reading a book. Suddenly, there was complete chaos in the United States Capitol as rioters broke windows, rushing inside to where the final electoral votes were posted. In a flash, all the lawmakers were gone, overtaken by rioters. The news media called them Trump supporters. A woman was shot, later dying. Her name was Ashli Babbitt.

I watched these horrifying events overtake our country while the news media continued to call the actions of hatred — demonstrations. Let’s face the facts here. If this was a demonstration, the ‘rioters’ would not have overtaken the area — storming into the building interior and exterior like warriors ready for battle. One guy sat at the desk of Nancy Pelosi. Windows of the U. S. Capitol were broken. This building is supposedly ‘secure’ — with the exception of yesterday.

In less than two weeks, Joe Biden will become the President of the United States of America. No. I did not vote for him. I voted for President Donald J. Trump. I can only imagine what will happen on Wednesday, January 20, 2021 while Biden takes the oath of office.

I’m horrified there will be another Civil War happening in 2021. Antifa is supporting these movements. Read all about Antifa at:

Years ago, I believed we had the right to protest; however, my belief has changed significantly. Meanwhile, I pray for the United States of America. We need to come together as a Nation. Under the administration of Joe Biden, I do not believe that will happen. The Biden family has a questionable history. He has ties to China, the Ukraine and other countries. I am horrified he will smugly lead our country into socialism. And. We. As. Americans. Do. Not. Want. Socialism.

America, let’s stop the hatred. Let’s say prayers, asking God to guide us, not Biden.

Dearest Readers:

This morning we awaken to a new year. Hopefully, through prayer and faith, all of us will have a healthier, happier, and safer 2021. Last night, at the strike of the new year, I opened the back door, kicking 2020 good riddance! Then, I opened the front door, watched a few fireworks, blew my breath into the wind, welcoming 2021.

Today is my oldest sister’s birthday. I hope her birthday will be as special to her as she is to me!

How about you, readers? What did you do to rush 2020 out of your life while making resolutions to welcome 2021.

Here’s a toast to all of you.

Here’s to you and here’s to me.

May 2021 be the year to be.

Let’s all find happiness. Health and Love, while guardian angels keep us safe from above.

May Corona blow her nastiness away

While 2021 fills our hearts with goodness — EVERY DAY!


Dearest Readers:

If you are considering hiring a company for the installation of solar panels, please reconsider. The epistle below might enlighten you just a bit.
These issues started in August, 2020. On December 28, 2020 — WE’RE STILL WAITING!

By now, you’re probably aware of the RUNAROUND, and LACK OF PROFESSIONALISM WE’VE ENDURED — just to get definitive answers regarding our installation of solar panels. Now, it appears we are LOCKED into waiting. AND Waiting…AND WAITING  — AGAIN! 
To say I’ve tolerated enough of this is an understatement. I should mention the property I’m referring to is our home.
After the Charleston crew finished installing the solar panels it was discovered we need conduit installed under the house. Wes suggested an electrician would be contacted. We’ve waited for over two weeks for someone to contact us, only getting a response from an electrician after I sent a sarcastic email to Blue Raven Solar demanding a reply.
The email I mentioned was sent on December 12, 2020,at 5:41 PM. A reply was sent to me by Jacob Johnson December 14, 2020 at 7:58 PM. Now, it is December 23. Christmas is only TWO DAYS AWAY! By now, I imagine your office excuse will be “IT’S CHRISTMAS!”
Bah Hum Bug! 
I should mention, I’ve done my homework and research recognizing our mistake was signing a contract with Blue Raven Solar. I am a reporter. A well-seasoned writer and author! Are you aware of the non-complimentary reviews Blue Raven Solar has received? THERE ARE MANY!

My biggest concern now is getting the Solar Energy Property Credit for 2020. According to Form 1350 SC SCH.TC-58 State of South Carolina Department of Revenue SOLAR ENERGY PROPERTY CREDIT:
‘The credit is earned in the year the property is placed in service…”
When we met with Isaac Jacobsen of Blue Raven Solar, he assured us we WOULD RECEIVE A REBATE FOR 2020. For our household, it appears to be due to the lack of proper installation/scheduling — including the delays in getting scheduled (NOT DUE TO BERKELEY ELECTRIC – BUT DUE TO BLUE RAVEN SOLAR) AND THE MANY ISSUES WE’VE ENDURED – I IMAGINE ONE OF YOUR CREWS OR MANAGEMENT WILL TELL US THIS INSTALLATION CANNOT BE FINISHED UNTIL 2021. 
I am holding Blue Raven Solar 100% responsible for all of these issues. And, I anticipate Blue Raven Solar will give us a $2000 rebate from your company since it appears we will not have the conduit done before Christmas (two days from the date of this email) nor will our solar panels be activated to lower our electric bills.
Your company is a disgrace. All I wanted to know was a definitive DATE for all of this to be scheduled and completed. No one, I repeat NO ONE HAS CONTACTED ME TO GIVE US A DEFINITIVE ANSWER.
My next move will be an attorney – UNLESS I GET A DEFINITIVE ANSWER – NOT THE RUNAROUND!
The only way you, BLUE RAVEN SOLAR, can resolve this is to verbalize the dates. I EXPECT TO HEAR FROM SOMEONE WITHIN 24 HOURS FROM NOW – DECEMBER 23, 2020 – 7:08 PM EST.
No excuses for the holiday or Covid-19 are acceptable. I’ve tolerated this B-S long 
Regards, Barbie Perkins-Cooper

UPDATE – December 28, 2020. Of course no one has bothered to contact us, so I phoned them again. I’ve lost count as to how many times I’ve had to contact this company JUST TO GET AN ANSWER.

According to the pleasant lady on the phone, after checking with someone – PROBABLY A COMPUTER – “our electrical conduit installation has been approved, and someone will contact us today.”

I ask you, my readers, would you dare to hold your breath until they phone?



Christmas, 2020

Dearest Family and Friends:

Perhaps this year of 2020, has been an unpredictable year where children and spouse are home 24-7 instead of at school or work. Suddenly, a toxic, contagious virus has invaded our lives. Some of you have suffered with the Corona Covid-19 Virus, and some loved ones lost their loved ones to this dreadful disease.

Phil and I have followed all of the guidelines, managing to wear masks when we are grocery shopping, running errands or visiting doctors. Arriving home, I rush to wash my hands until one would think the skin is washing away.

The other day I rushed to the mall to pick up one of Phil’s gifts. I was shocked. Christmas decorations were at a minimum. An occasional Christmas tree and ornaments. No Santa signs. Santa Claus wasn’t anywhere to be seen. Maybe that’s a good thing though. Everyone always encourages children to visit Santa and let him know your wishes. I find it sad that children always dream about the toys they will receive from Santa. The true meaning and spirit of Christmas is the birth of Christ. We must focus on this meaning while realizing this has been a year where political issues are striving to steal elections, almost convincing me to never vote again. I haven’t missed an election since I was 18! Will I vote in 2024. That depends. I pray we will have a new leader then – that is – IF the USA still exists! As for our President-Elect, I will go on record to say I will not watch that election. It appears the 2020 election was bought. I cannot believe voters in the USA would stoop so low to vote for someone who doesn’t have the strength to lead our country. As for Kamala? I’m a feminist, but definitely am concerned what will happen WHEN she takes over. What has happened to our Country? President Trump (in my opinion) is one of the strongest leaders we’ve EVER had! He gets things done – just look at the medical miracle he worked diligently to ‘make it happen!’

For this holiday season, I’ve fought depression. Missing my father so much I find myself bursting into tears. Our last Christmas with Dad was in 1998. Twenty-two years ago! I imagine he would be telling me to “let him go. Move on with life!” Easy words to say, hard words to live by.

So, starting today, I will make myself focus on Thankfulness. Happiness. Family. Love, and the true meaning of Christmas – the birth of the Christ child.

Tonight, two hours after dusk arrives, I shall look into the Heavens to see the “Christmas star,” shining brightly – according to a reputable site I’ve read – “For the first time since the Middle Ages, Jupiter and Saturn will become so close to each other in the night sky that they’ll appear as a brilliantly bright “double planet.” The only magnificent thing I shall see in 2020 is the star that shone so brightly after the birth of Jesus Christ, along with the medical miracle of a vaccine that will save people.

Merry Christmas, Everyone. May God bless us, everyone!

Barbie Perkins-Cooper

This is a post for my “Family and Friends for Christmas.”

Dearest Family and Friends:

2020 has been such a depressing, unbearable year. At least I have life, a warm home, health, a husband, and of course my “Bratty Boys,” my schnauzers.
In five days, December 23, 2019, to be exact, will be a year anniversary of breaking L-1 of my spine. Believe me when I say, if you’ve never broken your back you cannot imagine the excruciating pain I’ve endured for almost one year. Just imagine someone, or something twisting your spine, beating and squeezing it constantly. Imagine doing this on the day you are moving from a crowded suburb to the country. I’ve told some of my friends this: “Imagine the worst labor pain you can. Only this pain never goes away.” I’ve been asked, “Why don’t you have surgery?” Simple. When the spine surgeon said, “It can go either way.” Meaning: “You could be paralyzed, or in a wheel chair..”

I chose to request a prayer chain and core exercises. Now, I’m able to walk. Sometimes, I must stop. Other times, like yesterday at the mall, I was able to walk the entire length of the mall, and back to my car. Stopping only once! I felt like a young child taking her first steps! At times, I limp from the pain. Other times, I still have my infamous swag, and now I can wear boots again. Only three inch heel styles. All of my really high heels are going to Goodwill and other charities, including the Kidney Foundation and domestic abuse shelters.

If you are on my Family and Friends Christmas Card List, 2020 will be the second year I will not be able to send Christmas cards to you. Remember, this is the year of having my husband home 24-7, working at home. He constantly demands my attention, plus I haven’t finished unpacking the remaining boxes from our move to Serenity Oasis, our new home. Time has just about kidnapped me. Every time I think I finally have time for myself, something interrupts me. In November, Election Day, I drove Phil to the VA Hospital (Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center) to have his blood pressure checked. I was not permitted to go inside with him, so I waited…And waited…AND WAITED! For about two weeks in November, including Friday, November 13, I waited outside of the same hospital. Due to Covid-19, I was told to remain outside, although I had not been exposed, had no temp, and was and still is, his wife. Honestly, I wanted to scream at the nurses, but what good would that do??? I do understand the questions and hesitance of allowing someone with the patient; however, I am still furious how I was treated. I had to ask police officers to allow me to a restroom??? I have another story regarding those incidents at Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center – perhaps I’ll share after the holidays!

So, now I’m hopeful you get a bit of an idea about my 2020. Personally, I’ll be thankful when Phil and I can listen to the ringing on the New Year, 2021. No doubt, we will be at home. No Christmas, New Year festivities for us this year. We wear masks everywhere we go – grocery store, Walmart, and on an occasional dinner out. For many years I’ve said “I do not cook on Fridays…” Those of you who’ve heard the story know what occurred when Phil refused to ear the dinner I cooked, so after his arrogance, I said: “That’s it. From now on I will not cook on Fridays again!” I’ve eaten bitter words many times this year. Isn’t it strange how a contagious Corona Covid-19 virus can change our world?

It’s been a depressing year. I had hopes people would learn to slow down and appreciate life, but that hasn’t happened. If anything, many people are more short tempered and dangerous than ever. All of us need to appreciate one another, and believe in God. After all, our lives can disappear in only an instant.

From our household to you and your family, I wish you a Happy and Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year 2021. I will do my best to continue my Christmas tradition of sending Christmas cards next year. Perhaps our lives will be better when the Corona Virus is eradicated under Operation Warp Speed and President Donald J. Trump.

As for the “other guy,” I’m hopeful his son will take care of the situation and they will both go to prison. Of course, we all know, money talks, doesn’t it! I suppose it will be another year where the fake media rule. Thank God, I’m not a member of that media!

Merry Christmas with My Love,

Barbie Perkins-Cooper, Author

Dearest Readers:

I respect the privacy of my friends, acquaintances, family, and myself. Every day, I pray for all Covid-19 victims and their families to get well. Nightly, I pray for a miracle so Covid-19 will be eradicated. I wear masks everywhere I go. I social distance and for the most part, I stay at home.

Do I have cabin fever? Of course, I do.

A few days ago, I learned that one of my friends has Covid-19. To protect their privacy, I shall not reveal a gender. Male. Female. Transgender? It doesn’t matter!

I haven’t seen my friend since all of this began. Like many, I’ve become a hermit. Remaining at home unless I must go to the grocery store, or complete errands. Last week, my husband and I went out to eat a few too many times, so I reminded him we must stop eating out and remain at home where we are safe. Hopefully!

My friend has done everything carefully too. Working at home. Staying home, unless he or she had doctor appointments…….Etc!

Now, my friend has the virus. I am praying for a simple case of Covid. I will touch base daily with my friend.

I’d like to request a prayer request, I suppose a silent prayer request for my friend, family members and for all Covid-19 victims.

Since I’ve followed reputable information regarding Covid-19, I discovered the symptoms sound so familiar to me since I’ve had asthma all of my life, so I know, I am considered high-risk. Symptoms similar to bronchial asthma include:



loss of taste, smell


difficulty with breathing


burning of the chest

loss of appetite

All of these symptoms I’ve experienced whenever my asthma kicks in. Fortunately, I haven’t had asthma problems after moving to the country. The air is fresher here. Less traffic congestion, and my breathing has not been as short-winded as it was in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. Coughing? Occasionally, but nothing specific.

So now, I worry about my friend. When I spoke with my friend, I mentioned I would be happy to do anything I can to help with the illness.

I am convinced the germs of Covid-19 are everywhere. My friend has no idea how Covid arrived. I can picture the cells flying through the air. I confess, while walking outside to my mailbox I haven’t worn a mask. Maybe today I will.

I pray soon the disease that has stolen lives, incomes, livelihoods and the health of many, will be eradicated. It has changed the United States of America. People are quick to blame our President, Donald J. Trump. I do not blame him and I feel he jumped to the occasion to assist America. Reportedly the disease came from China. That, I do believe. I suppose for many, it is easiest to blame our President. Looks like Biden, tentative President-Elect will walk in those Presidential shoes, IF he is proclaimed President-Elect. I can only imagine WHAT will happen under the Democrat leadership — that is IF there is a leader in the Democratic party. But. That’s a political issue.

Today, please take a moment to pray, asking God to help eradicate this dreadful disease.

I haven’t found any Christmas spirit this year, mostly due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the depression that captivates me at times. I’ve found myself having meltdowns when thinking about how I will miss my father this holiday season. I miss looking at the chair he sat at when he visited us in Mount Pleasant. I miss having him here with us to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas. I miss hearing his voice and singing with him. How I miss his laughter. Soon, the tears rush from my eyes. My father’s last Christmas dinner attendance was Christmas, 1998, while he battled terminal esophageal cancer. He would be so proud of Phil and I this year as we celebrate the first anniversary of our moving to the country. I know he would love sitting on the bench by the pond to watch the fish jumping and turtles swimming around, anxious to get a strawberry. Yes, my father would be able to walk around our five acres of beautiful, natural land. I am so thankful my father changed for the better and because of Covid-19, I am thankful he isn’t here to see how our country is changing for the worst. The hatred, spreading like a vicious, constantly expanding volcano spreading fire and abhorrence until it burns into the depths of Hell.

Let us all come together for five minutes just to pray for the eradication of Covid-19. Soon, vaccines will arrive. I pray the vaccines will be the exact prescription the USA needs. May this be a Merry Christmas, even in the worst of times in America.

And now, I pray for my friend. I imagine I have additional friends with Covid-19. This disease I would not wish on my worst enemy. Sending prayers for God to bless America and eliminate this disease. Please God, help our friends heal from this disease and let us all come together to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

Dearest Readers:

Today, my heart is broken. Exactly two years ago today, we lost precious, little grumpy “Mr. Hanks the Tank.” After crying a bit from his loss, I walked outside to have a chat with God. Walking near the pond, I see something floating in the pond. Phil manages to remove the item, placing it gently on the ground. Walking closer, I notice it is a yearling deer. His or her little life was taken away when someone shot the yearling on the side. Phil said it looks like a rifle shot. He should know! I suppose it must’ve rushed away quickly to get away from the shooter, landing in our pond.

Why would someone shoot a young deer? Signs are posted on our property. WE DO NOT ALLOW ANYONE TO HUNT ON OUR PROPERTY! This beautiful deceased animal was taken away much too soon! Why did it have to happen in my pond?

In case you are curious, I will not post a picture. I’m too upset and now, I’m crying again. Some inconsiderate hunter shot the deer and I’m curious. Was this one of the deer I speak to every afternoon when they prance into our meadow to eat? While it is true that I’d love to get closer to the deer while they eat, I respect that they are wildlife. Yes, we do have a deer feeder. We enjoy watching them eating while we sit on the front porch. When we moved here last December, the deer were skittish. If they saw us on the front porch, they rushed away. During springtime, they eased up cautiously to the deer feeder while looking up to see if we were approaching. Once, one of them pranced away with its white tail in the air. This is a danger sign to the other deer. Quickly, they followed the leader. White tails standing up high as they ran away.

Our front meadow is a great distance from where the deer eat. We’ve never approached them and we will not consider ‘taming’ them. They are wild, even when they seem so mellow to us. We respect that, and we certainly are not feeding them for hunting season. One of the deer I’ve named “Big Ears.” She has the largest ears I’ve ever seen for a deer. Now, when I say “Hello Big Ears,” she lifts her head and looks at me! Regarding this precious, deceased yearling breaks my heart, imagining was he or she frightened after being shot, hoping to find safety so someone could save the precious yearling? There is a hole in its right side. I imagine it fell into the pond due to the wound and the intense pain it was suffering. How can someone shoot and kill wildlife?

I do not understand. While it is true some people complain about deer in their yards because they love to eat plants and flowers, I’ve never seen them close to the house or nibbling on rose bushes, azaleas and other flowers so for me, I so enjoy watching them. Now, we’ve lost one. Earlier this year, we had at least four fawns. They are so cute when they frolic around, prancing and dancing a deer ballet.

This is the second wildlife we’ve found deceased on our property. The first was an emaciated raccoon we found and buried. Now, we must bury a precious deer. Maybe this country life isn’t relaxing anymore. I suppose I ache from the loss simply due to the fact we moved here to enjoy the wildlife. Not to bury it!

On a good note, today while walking to the highway to get the mail, my back did not hurt at all. I didn’t need to stop and rest. It’s taken at least nine months to feel better and not have such crippling pain. Last night, I was able to cook dinner without having to sit down. My goal was to be able to cook a Thanksgiving Dinner this year. Looks like I just might be able to cook my infamous turkey, dressing and all the other delicious sides I do. All from scratch! I do not believe in processed foods.

Today is such a sad day. Missing Mr. Hanks, and now, we have to bury a precious deer. Sometimes life just isn’t fair! I suppose I must be thankful my back is getting better. I’m able to walk and to wear heels and boots again, but only with a three or three-and-a-half inch heel! Looks like Goodwill will really be able to have some brand new stiletto pumps I plan to give them. I’m hopeful someone will enjoy them!

Dearest Readers:

I suppose now is a good time for me to write in my blog about Weight Watchers…WW…or whatever else they change their brand to. I’m hopeful they’ll go back to “Weight Watchers.” It worked better. I suppose today is the day I am becoming a bitch, after all, there are two B’s in my name!

I’ve been quarantined since December 23, 2019. The day I broke my back. I couldn’t attend “studios” — as they call it, due to the inability to move much. Before breaking my back, TWO DAYS BEFORE CHRISTMAS, I finally tipped the scales with a 40-pound loss! I was ecstatic! Oh. So. Proud. Of. Myself! I managed to return to the workshops in early February or March – before the quarantine took effect. I really have missed Weight Watchers!

Now, I truly feel abandoned with Weight Watchers/WW!

In March, just when Corona Virus hit Charleston, SC, I received an email stating the studio would be closed for a while due to the virus. Believe me, this tourist trap of Charleston, South Carolina, became a city crippled. Suddenly shopping centers were empty—no parked cars. Highways were easy to travel in. No traffic congestion, just like it was in the early 1970s before everyone decided to move to the Holy City. Suddenly, Charleston and the low country was a ghost town!

Today, I phoned WW to inquire when our workshops would begin in Charleston. The party I spoke with placed me on hold and I waited impatiently for the answer. When she returned, I wasn’t pleased when she said: “There are no scheduled opening dates for the Charleston area. You could attend a workshop in Savannah.”

Savannah, Georgia has a workshop, but Charleston, the city famous for hospitality doesn’t have a workshop. Now, what do I do? Zoom doesn’t work easily in my rural area. I feel abandoned! Oh. My goodness, I’ve been abandoned by Weight Watchers!

I haven’t decided what to do. Still, I track my intake. Sometimes, I get weak, and that is when the temptations begin. I so need to be strong again. According to the doctor’s scales on my last check-up on the tenth of November, I’ve only gained one pound. Three months ago, that wasn’t a fact. My life is a roller coaster now, and Weight Watchers could be the blame; nevertheless, I am the one who opens her mouth and eats things I shouldn’t. I must be accountable. It isn’t fair for me to blame Weight Watchers!

Where will this saga with Weight Watchers/WW…or whatever they plan to change lead me to? Who knows. Every December they change things, but those changes are shared in meetings. Hell. They don’t even send us a print out of weekly readers. I can go online and print them. For now, I’m simply tossing my money to them. They’ve abandoned the Holy City of Charleston, SC.

I can’t give up. If I choose to give up, I am giving up on myself. I must be strong. After all, I am a woman who doesn’t like to lose. Losing weight and looking good, I love, and I must do it. This, too, shall pass! After all, this I do for ME!


All of my life, I’ve loved bridges. Bridges have always given me strength and guidance. Sometimes I feel I have a bridge to God because He is always there to listen to me. Now that we’ve moved to the country, I sit on the bench by my serenity oasis and speak with God. He is always there. I must continue reaching out to my bridges.

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